Tales Of Magic & Brotherhood

Session 8

Snakey Shrine (and the complete lack of snakes there)

1) People decided to do another dungeon before heading off, so they picked the Snake Shrine.
2) They managed to find a strange hidden entrance in front of the shrine itself that lead to a little bunker.
3) The youkai inside mentioned some gubbins about leylines? Then she summoned up some robots to fight us to keep us from wandering around the shrine.
4) We beat the robutts to fuck.
5) After some weird reprogramming Sybille managed to get a new cute cyborg follower.
6) We had to fight the entire shrine when it lifted itself onto hydraulic legs. Luckily Sybille managed to drag the controllers out of the window to neuter any damage it could do.
7) Zoey went for a look around inside in bat form and came back to report the weird youkai inside.
8) Leon finds a way to self-destruct the shrine and then everyone got more neat rewards for completing the dungeon.


Pratty dawnbain

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