Sybille Uzun

Dread Pirate


Sybille Uzun | Theme
Class: Dread Pirate
Race: Human

High Concept: Swashbucklin’ Cap’n Sybille
Sybille chose to play as a Dread Pirate for the same reason that so many others do. They wish to retire their character as they live a life of luxury, and enjoy the romanticized view of piracy in the game world. Although there were guilds for thieving, fighting, wizarding, and a whole slew of other concepts and ideas, Sybille wanted to start up her own guild. With a few pirate guilds already existing, she had to think up something original. As it turned out, her idea for an ‘Adventures with Friends’ guild already had something quite similar, though it was empty aside from the lone creator, who signs on only rarely. The moment that she became and officer in the guild, she went off in search of new recruits!

Trouble: Easy to Provoke
Sybille has a pretty short fuse. There’s only a couple little things that bother her right off the bat, but anyone trying to make her lose her cool will find that any successful techniques do the job quite quickly.

Personal Aspect: Sailor’s Physique
You have to be pretty fit to get out there and do the job of a sailor, and a marauder. Physicality is one of Sybille’s specialties.

Crossing Paths: First Mate Aki
Early into Sybille’s foray into TOMB, the Dread Pirate discovered a Priest who was looking for a group, and didn’t seem to be having much luck. Her unusual and suboptimal build steered other players away. Since she was looking for people to team up with anyway, Sybille decided that it’d be funny to give it a shot with the priest who she imagined would be woefully unprepared for the event. Only, Sybille had been wrong, and discovered that Aki could be very useful. The Pirate adopted the Priest as her ‘First Mate’, and they’ve been playing together since then.

Crossing Paths: Master at Arms Leon
Some people take TOMB’s classification as a roleplaying game a bit too seriously. Sybille doesn’t seem to have a problem with people putting importance on their in-character roles though, especially if they can get the job done… which is why she appointed Leon as her Master at Arms, effectively press-ganging him into the crew.

+4: Weapons
+3: Shoot, Resources
+2: Deceit, Endurance, Athletics
+1: Might, Resolve, Empathy, Stealth, Intimidate
-1: Academics, Sciences

Stunts (Refresh 3)
[Signature Stunt] [Shoot] Broadside - Sybille’s ornate flintlock pistol boasts a number of different ammunition types to suit all situations.
Choose one when Shooting with Broadside
- Grapeshot – -1 to Shoot & cannot succeed with Style; Make an attack against an additional target
- Silver Bullet – Inflict Mental Stress on supernatural foes.
- Anchor Shot – After inflicting stress, attach the ‘Anchored’ aspect to the target.
- Flare Shot – At night, or in a dark area, use Shoot in place of Alertness.
- Shuriken Shot- Damages clothing, and deals Mental Stress.

[Alertness] Crow’s Nest - Once per scene, Sybille may use the Alertness of one of her allies in place of her own.
[Resources] A Share of the Booty - Use Resources in place of Rapport whenever the promise of compensation is made.
[Weapons] Davy Jones - Sybille’s large, curved sword. Once per conflict, as a free action, attach the ‘Send him to the Locker!’ Aspect to an opponent as a boost.

Physical: [ ][X][X]
Mental: [ ][ ][ ]
Severe: Booty Blasted

Davy Jones
Gold Pouch (150+ Pieces)
Ca$h Shop Points (150)
Special Edition ‘Miss Bunner’ Bento Box (One use only. Refresh all FATE points.)
Skull Kimono Outfit
Free Ramen Forever pass.
Smoke Bomb (One use only. Sybille and her allies all pass a single Stealth roll.)
Treasure Boost Consumable
Oni Slave Collar (Might (4) to break free)
Oni Battle Flare x1 (Will attract a group of Oni to a fight, though they may not be friendly)
Double Ended Enchanted… Toy.
Bag of Mouse Youkai
Ship in a Bottle (Pocket dimension with infinite ocean, can store crew, and can be used to cross bodies of water in the game world.)

- Nym Husbando
- Molestation Prisoner
- Amai
- Cybutt servant

- Mini-Chefquin Once per session can make a meal for 1 player that will remove all stress or a moderate consequence.


Sybille Uzun

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