Akishi Ranya

Good at eyes, bad at games, please no bully

Your title here…Name: Akishi ‘Aki’ Ranya

High Concept
Goddess Warrior, Shining Like A Phoenix Reborn!
Whether it’s due to the influence of a strong hit to the cranium or becoming useful to the party through fighting prowess, Aki is like a new person, having discarded her old meek self and slam dunked it into the trash while yelling a really cool attack name you guys it’s so cool. The fact is, she’s still kind of a giant dork about it… maybe even more embarrassing in her hammy tendencies than the roleplayers in the party!

Overflowing Confidence…?
The priestess discarded her old personality and became a new person. Someone who doesn’t <awawa> and knows not the meaning of panic! Unfortunately this carries its own fair share of failures… like the fact that her faith in herself seems almost put-on at times. Maybe Aki’s confidence isn’t bottomless, but she’s sure as hell not gonna admit it!

Personal Aspect
“B-but where’s the ‘Any’ key…?”
Videogames are hard, okay?

Crossing Path: Please No Touchy
Aki herself has no idea how she managed to get the pirate to become interested in her. They sort of… met each other during an instance and it developed into a small alliance of sorts? Sybille is loud enough to take people’s eyes off of Aki, and Aki is apparently entertaining and useful to the pirate.

+4: Resolve
+3: Alertness, Investigation
+2: Endurance, Empathy, Leadership
+1: Academics, Contacting, Athletics, Rapport, Art
-1: Intimidation, Mysteries

Refresh: 4 ~ Fate Points: 1


  • [Signature Stunt] Super…! ~ It pays off to be hotblooded in a pinch, especially if you can still be in full control of your abilities. You can use Resolve to attack and defend from physical harm. However, each mental consequence you have reduces your base Resolve by -1, up to a minimum of +1.
  • Press the attack…! ~ Once per session, roll Leadership against a base of +0 (apply situational difficulties such as consequences taken or number of enemies). Any aspects’ free invokes and boosts can be used at a +3 bonus instead of +2 by anyone, for one turn.
  • THE FINISHER…! ~ Once per scene, spend a fate point. Your attack roll will be assumed to be [+ + + +] for that turn (can be done retroactively). However, you must mark your highest Stress box.

Physical [x][x][x]
Mental [][][][]

Mild: Shot Up
Severe: Funny In The Head

- Spear
- Shining Armor
- Unoptimization
- 7 Lords bunny t-shirt
- Bunny ears hairband
- Dance Instruction Booklet
[She’s a maniac!: Pass an Art check for free.]
- Ninja Pill
[UPGRADE: Give an Ally Card an additional use per session.]
- Panacea Potion
[Heal All: Removes any debuff, does not actually heal wounds.]
- Sealing Tag
[Demon Sealing: Can put the ‘Stunned’ aspect to anything demonic.]
- Solomon’s Amulet
[Shared Humanity: once per scene, you can communicate a short message to another being, even if you do not speak a common language.]
- Ally of Golden Experience
[Treasure Hunter: Once per session you may make an alertness/investigation roll to locate a hidden cache of treasure even in a location where it would not make sense.]
- Ally of Birb
[Bird Sage: Once per session reduce any Alertness or Survival test to a difficulty level of (1), can only be used in a habitat that would house birdlife.]
- 400G (Gilgamesh Pesetas)
- 91x Ca$h $hop Mon$y


Akishi Ranya

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