Tales Of Magic & Brotherhood

Session 8
Snakey Shrine (and the complete lack of snakes there)

1) People decided to do another dungeon before heading off, so they picked the Snake Shrine.
2) They managed to find a strange hidden entrance in front of the shrine itself that lead to a little bunker.
3) The youkai inside mentioned some gubbins about leylines? Then she summoned up some robots to fight us to keep us from wandering around the shrine.
4) We beat the robutts to fuck.
5) After some weird reprogramming Sybille managed to get a new cute cyborg follower.
6) We had to fight the entire shrine when it lifted itself onto hydraulic legs. Luckily Sybille managed to drag the controllers out of the window to neuter any damage it could do.
7) Zoey went for a look around inside in bat form and came back to report the weird youkai inside.
8) Leon finds a way to self-destruct the shrine and then everyone got more neat rewards for completing the dungeon.

Session 7
The Trial of the 7 Lewds

1) After heading around Kimotoro’s Travel District, the party’s girls head off to go try a dungeon to level up with a coin toss deciding on the Trial of the 7 Lords
2) They are beset by 7 unusual challenges, each one pushing them to the limits of their stamina and sanity,
3) After this gruelling set of trials, they agree to never run this dungeon again, and go to cleanse themselves of this entire experience

Session 6
I Am A Serious Vampire, Nya~

1) We all went to go see the dwarf king because we had that summons we picked up from dragon loot
2) We didn’t get any wives or husbands, but we did get to ride the fast train to Kimotoro instead of walking which was nice.
3) There were a lot of weirdos on the train and chief weirdo #1 was Dazzle, a shadowdancer that Zoey had confronted and bitten in her minisession.
4) A small fight with some other guards broke out, with Zoey trying to fight Dazzle 1v1.
5) Zoey got sent to the ownzone, and now her world is flip-turned upside down.

Izrota Things & Stuff

- Side Quests -

Pick And Choose - An armorsmithing focused player is looking for someone to join them in a trip down into the mines of Izrota to get some ore, loot and monsters are to be expected depending on how deep you go.

Grim Tidings - Rumors of players that very much stand out from the general populous that go around causing trouble have reached Izrota, it might be worth checking out the details before trouble comes looking for you.

Missing Mini - The princess of Izrota has gone missing and the king has put out a message saying that he’ll reward whoever brings her back personally, report to the captain of the dwarven guard for a full briefing on the sit tango zulu foxtrot oscar mike stay frosty.

Please Look Forward To It - A new dungeon has been added near Izrota and the players are excited to try it out, why not try your hand in the dungeon finder and try to make it through with the random group of nobodies you get matched with? You get better rewards that way after all.

4 U








Session 5
War Is Beginning

1) Leon woke up just in time for the war to begin.
2) Zoey slashed a bunch of lizardguys in half with one hit and everyone else smashed a big boulder while it was flying at them.
3) There was some sort of sub-boss lizardman with a lot of spears or something, but he got murdered by a super high mysteries roll and died pretty much instantly too.
4) With a nice path carved through the army, everyone pushes ahead to the dragon’s lair to confront it.
5) We get a little bit owned cause the dragon is fuckhuge, but a big hit from Akishi makes him change to the form of a prettyboy that isn’t as tough.
6) After getting beat on for a while he suicides with an explosion and pretty much everyone ignores it, except Zoey who defends it well enough that she may as well have done.
7) We save bunnybard and all go back to Izrota for celebratory anime meat and chatter, when suddenly the subject turns to love!
8) Long story short, Zoey still doesn’t get how you can marry an NPC?

Session 4
Simon Woz (Not) Ere

1) We spend a while in Elfort talking about how we should get to Izrota, and it is decided we should walk
2) So then we do that, except some freaky ghost decides to tag along too because she has no sense of direction.
3) Many uneventful hours later we arrive in Izrota, and then the party splits up with Akishi trying to get story to happen faster and Sybille trying to get a new weapon. Zoey does bat things.
4) A dragon steals the ghost girl’s brother and everyone is roused into action to go save him.
5) There’s a huge army of lizardpeople summoned by Robeman, and we left off before the fighting started.

Session 3
It Was All A Meme

1) Everyone wakes up to find the forest ablaze and sounds of fighting close by.
2) After finding their way to a clearing, we are quickly dealt with by some OP golem and the flickering people with it.
4) We cautiously approached the Oracle’s home and have breakfast with her.
5) She found Mister Robeman, but it turns out he has a stupid quest for us all to go on before we go find him.
6) We kinda fight amongst ourselves over whether it is a good idea to do that or not, as well as which of the two places to go. Everyone goes along with doing his quest for now, even if they don’t really agree fully, and we decide on Izrota instead of Gaeblarc. Also Akira is there.
7) We go back to Elfort to tell the elf king how we did.
8) We are rewarded with waifus and husbandos, Sybille and Akishi pick some for /ss/ing innocent hand-holding.
9) We decide to stay in Elfort for the rest of the day to prepare for the journey to Izrota.

Session 2
Quest Staato~

1) We all went to the castle to go tell the king what was up, but the guards were not having any of it.
2) They let us inside just when Zoey mentioned she was in PentaCross.
3) The king mentioned that Akira had already let him know, but put the task of finding an Oracle in a nearby woods that could give them more info about the robed guy who fucked everything up onto us.
4) We went to go do that.
5) We met a bunch of side-things, and this resulted in Sybille making Akishi mad at her and Zoey forming a contract with the demoness Daki.
6) And then we all set up camp in the forest.

Session 1
The Day When Shit Hit The Fan

1) Everyone joined together as a party in Elfort when the event began
2) Outside the dungeon all the enemies were super OP to the point that level 1 slimes were murdering max level people
3) Some jerk destroyed the starter dungeon with a magic staff and zapped a bunch of people so they were dead in real life?
4) We went back to Elfort and had some food at Shelly’s place to ask “what the fuck?”


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