TOMB is the new hit VR game from the developers of all your other favorite games that have not been VR until now! The game offers unlimited freedom in your class selection and avatar creation to a point that’s frankly hard to believe. Once in game you can perform fantastic feats of agility and strength not thought to be possible in videogames, no standing still and selecting abilities from a hotbar for you!

Sometimes the lines between reality and game can blur a little so it’s recommended you don’t get too into things and play for 10+ hours at a time. Quests are written by the devs in REAL TIME and appear to a set amount of random players/parties/guilds so sometimes you might be in for a race to complete your goal! The endgame is currently a mystery as no one has found the KEY TO THE UNDERWORLD which is presumably where things take place.

The game world is huge and constantly being updated so there is always something new to discover if you venture far from the starting city of ELFORT. Partying up and joining guilds is heavily encouraged as some of the monsters in the game are very large and a lot of quests require the solving of mysteries! Watch out for those groups of PVP player bandits too!

Tales Of Magic & Brotherhood

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