Zoey Benson

"Show some respect, or I'll cut you down to size."


Name: Zoey Benson

High Concept: Vampire Class
Vampires have been faithfully restored as terrors of the night in TOMB, far from the silliness of fanfiction that makes them sparkly high-schoolers and pale anorexics. As a member of the class, Zoey holds many abilities that make other classes quake in their boots in one-on-one combat. With a life-draining bite, a deadly rapier, and volatile blood magic, friend and enemy alike should be wary with a vampire about. There’s always that weakness to light to watch out for though…

-Old Trouble: Snooty Tryhard-
This isn’t just a game to Zoey, this is something she puts herself into 100%. As such, she takes it a little more seriously than one really should do… Her finicky nature over the game - and the subsequent advantages it has afforded her - has given her undeserved sense of superiority too, but it’s only a matter of time before she gets knocked off that particular perch. Or… belfry? She doesn’t do bat puns well. Not that she’ll admit that either.

Trouble: Shamed
For all her time spent in the game perfecting her build, it was all quite thoroughly shattered by the severity of her loss against Dazzle. She could have accepted a normal loss, but forcing her into that embarrassing dance while her team-mates looked on was so mortifying that she couldn’t help but break down from it. Although her stats remain as high as ever and her combat prowess itself is still at a peak her confidence in using her abilities to the full is broken, and who knows when she’ll be back to full fighting fitness?

Personal Aspect: Guild Member of PentaCross
Zoey is a respected member of the TOMB guild PentaCross, with access to their bank and shared storage. For this privilege she must prove her loyalty from time to time, usually just by staying active in the chat, joining in on events that members are doing, helping people to buy their legendaries, and such. There’s a few rumours going around about PentaCross too… Nothing that she’s found any proof of though. Probably just jealous players who couldn’t get an invite!

Crossing Paths: Respect For Veterans (And You Sure Ain’t One)
When Zoey meets someone who really knows what they’re doing in their field, whether it’s a crafting task, a raid, or a series of events, she will pretty happily file in behind them and pay due diligence. Unfortunately for Akishi, she is not one of those people at all. Landing a lucky crit once doesn’t make you a good player, and Zoey is eager to tell her at every opportunity that she’s only lasted this long by riding on coattails. (As long as Sybille isn’t around to stare her down for it, at least.)

Crossing Paths: “Really? ‘Mechasteele’? Guh, philistine…”
There’s a certain level that one is allowed to go to in regards to the RP of their character, but when the RP is detrimental to the actual gameplay that’s when you’ve gone too far. Leon has gone leaps and bounds further, to the point that Zoey would be happy if he at least used gear with a matching set bonus or cohesive stats. He’s never going to listen though, no matter how she tries to appeal to him; even RPing back at him is fruitless!

+4: Mysteries
+3: Weapons, Stealth
+2: Alertness, Might, Deceit
+1: Art, Investigation, Resources, Survival, Endurance
-1: Leadership, Contacting

Refresh: 4


  • (Signature Stunt) A Nightstalker’s Strength (And Weakness): Invoking the Vampire Class aspect gives Zoey a +4 boost to her roll instead of +2, but if it is invoked against her it does so at -4.
  • Frame-Perfect Timing: Thanks to her knowledge of the game’s mechanics, Zoey can generally take advantage of every little frame in an enemy’s animation and use their AI against them to turn situations back into her favour. As such she gets a +2 to Defend rolls against NPCs.
  • Life-Drinking Bite: By reducing the shifts of a successful attack by 1 (only in terms of stress, not whether it fails or succeeds) a vampire bite can lower the severity of one of Zoey’s consequences (either removing a Mild or downgrading a Moderate), healing her up once per session.

Physical: [][]
Mental: [][]

Mild (1-2 shifts):
Moderate (1-4 shifts):
Severe (1-6 shifts):
Extreme (1-8 shifts or Oh God Help):

Demonic Keymaster [Ally Card]: Once per session you may lock or open a doorway that is in line of sight from any range you wish, a door that is outside of touch range can only be locked with successful Archery (2) rolled with the Keymasters +3 rating. Doors can be opened on any surface be it a stone wall or a pillar of flames.
Monkey, with infinity banana to transform to and from human version

100 Gold
250 Cash Shop Points
Umbrellas (#1: A skin bought from the item shop for real cash #2: Welcoming gift to Kimotoro)
Rapier (Rare, on-build)
Assorted off-time accessories and outfits
1x Health Potion (Removes Consequences)
Oni Mask: Boosts Intimidation by 2 when worn.
Golden Radish: Counts as a base 5 resources when using it in a trade.
Sky Kami’s Blessing: Zoey can use Mysteries for a physical roll once per session.
Sky Kami’s Sword Enchantment: Zoey can block magical attacks using her rapier.
Squeaky carrot toy
Everfull Box of carrot cake slices
Noble crowned bat hairpin
15x Sweet Pink Potions
A compass that will point to the nearest gathering of Oni at all times
A blank ally card for turning a defeated enemy into a new ally (applies to defeat in things like cards or any sort of board game)
A castle in a snowglobe to use as a storage area for both allies and enemies in the dungeon! Can be entered at will or brought into the real world with enough space.


Zoey Benson

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