Leon Mechasteele

"I'll tell you why your character doesn't fit the lore..."


Name: Leon Mechasteele

High Concept: Roleplayer first, engineer second.
Page upon page of meaningless backstory, Leon’s player could tell you everything about his character, from the day he was born to his second least liked vegetable (It’s cauliflower, by the way), and he’s so into the game’s lore that he actually is an admin in the game’s unofficial wiki. Most would say he takes tha game’s story and RP community way too seriously, but Leon’s player thinks it’s not enough. Taking a class renowned for its terribleness in PVP and only average performance in PVE only because he wanted to roleplay an engineer is proof enough of that.

Trouble: Their problems, my problems.
Leon’s backstory makes it clear: He’s a hero. And heroes are supposed to help people in need. Leon takes this to heart, and he’s known to be a bit too overzealous with assisting people… Which, back when it was a game, translated in an obsession with quests. Even if the NPCs are not real, he’s still going to find it hard to not go out of his way to aid them…

Personal Aspect: A world to explore.
For many players, getting trapped inside a game sounds like a dream come true… right until it happens, when they realize it actually sucks. Not for Leon’s player: He’s not only happy to be inside the game: He’s actually unwilling to ever leave. Just thinking about his situation makes him happy, and he can get a bit too excited with the sights and sounds of this new world.

Crossing Path: “Vampires don’t work that way, tryhard.”
That there’s people that play TOMB without falling in love with its rich plot and backstory i something that Leon struggles to understand… And it’s even worse when they actively avoid any characterization and focus only on the gameplay… Might as well push a button that makes numbers go up! If only Zoey at least tried to have her character look like a vampire is supposed to look… But he’s never managed to convince her, yet. Heroes like Leon never stop until everything’s right, though!

Crossing Path: The friend in this port.
What started as a craving for a sea adventure RP ended with Leon meeting ‘Captain’ Sybille.
Even though attempting to convince her to join his roleplaying group proved fruitless, they did still get along, with the pirate attempting to convince the tinker to join her ‘crew’. Even though Leon couldn’t possibly join a group of lawless rogues, he was more than happy to collaborate with them occassionally, as long as their goals remained altruistic… Even though she still considers him part of the crew!

+4: Engineering
+3: Sciences, Academics
+2: Resources, Empathy, Alertness
+1: Investigation, Athletics, Rapport, Resolve, Endurance
-1: Mysteries, Fists

Stunts [4 Refresh]:

-[Academics, Empathy] (Signature Stunt): Wiki Admin - If something is in the game, Leon knows about it. From memory. It’s kinda creepy, actually. He adds +2 to any Game world lore or story Academics roll, and +2 to any Empathy roll for important NPCs: He knows their backstory like the back of his mouse hand.

-[Engineering] Best !#@@ing engineer in the world! - Problems are solved through science. Enemies are usually a problem. Best solved with science. As long as he’s carrying his contraptions around, Leon can use his Engineering score in place of Shoot.

-[Academics] Should have been born here! - Knowing every corner of the game’s map has helped him greatly… Leon knows where all the good stuff needed to survive is. As such, he can use Academics instead of Survival.

Physical [][]
Mental [][][]

-All sorts of tinker stuff
-The worst build in an already bad class


Leon Mechasteele

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